terms and conditions

All our tents require an additional 4 square metres of space when erecting, allowing plenty of room for guide-ropes. e.g. a 10 metre tent needs 14 metre square space. A 6 metre tent needs 10 metre square space. All erecting sites must be reasonably level, firm ground. Sadly we are unable to erect our tents on hard surfaces, such as tarmac or concrete. 

Its very important that there is no naked flames, barbecue or fires in the proximity

of the tents as the ash can stain the canvas and can cause permeant damage. 


Weather conditions


Due to the nature of the country of which we live, the  weather can be very unpredictable, so in the unlikely event there is a freak storm or heavy gale force winds, we reserve the right to decline to erect the tent in the interest of peoples safety.


for all other terms and conditions please contact us via the contact page or contact details below. many thanks